Sunday, August 4, 2013

Disaster in Pink

I have cast off enough stitches to see the overall flow of the ruffled scarf. . . . I hate it.  The ruffles are too full.  Way too full.   I was trying to make a scarf, not a very short  tutu.

Really, there is no room for my  neck!

This makes casting off the remaining couple thousand stitches a very painful proposition.

Though, why would I do that?  I am not going to wear the scarf as it is.  I wouldn't even feel right giving it away to charity.

I can't rip out, because the yarn is a fine mohair blend.  I still like the idea of a ruffled scarf out of this yarn, and I still have about five miles of it left on the cone.

I just need to fix the pattern.  I am thinking no more than half the increases, and double the stockinette rows in between increases.

So it is decided.  I will (gasp!) cut the yarn, and throw the scarf away.  I hate to waste yarn, but I am calling it a yarn sacrifice in the name of knitting experience.

Ever notice that experience is simply the name we give our mistakes?

Today, it is all about the, um, experience.

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