Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just swirling around

The Rainbow Swirl Baby Blankie is finished.  You know, except for the finishing.  I have enough yarn to make another, if I was so inclined.  That will be for future reference, because this time around I still have to make the little car blankie.  That one won't really work as a circle, so I am probably going to just make it out of the rainbow colors.  The only reason the white was there was because I needed a sixth color.  (Yes, I am aware that a true rainbow would have had a sixth color: peach/orange.  However, for reasons I cannot comprehend, the yarn store only had pink, yellow, green, blue and purple.  No orange/peach.  Neither did every other local yarn source, though I did find white and light gray in the same yarn.  And peach was available online, but at three times the cost, with shipping.  Hence the white.)

So, the gift is finished, except for the finishing, and the car seat blankie.  Oh, and since I do have extra white, I am thinking about knitting/crocheting a little border around the blankie.  So, finished except for the finishing, car seat blankie, and the border. 

The baby gift is so not finished. 

And yet, I spent an alarming amount of time at the office browsing lace shawl patterns in laceweight.  I checked and I have over 2600 yards of the pink laceweight.  Enough to make any shawl I desired.  Even though I know that this baby gift is not quite finished, and I still have three more mitts to complete before Christmas Break, I still cannot stop obsessing about a new bit of lacey goodness.  I have the pattern selected, printed, reviewed, and viewed corrections/deviations that others on Ravelry made  with the pattern.  I am doomed.  Really, it is just a matter of time before I find myself casting on.  (Or, in this case, crocheting a chain, then picking up alternating stitches: interesting start.) 

I just hope I have enough of the deadline knitting knocked out of the way before I start, or I will never make the deadlines. 

Today, it is all about the unfinished gifts. 


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