Thursday, October 15, 2015

Once in a Decade, Or Twice in the Same Week

Only a few nights ago, I made the joke that I crochet once in a decade.  That is not far from the truth. The last time I crocheted was to finish an aphgan at the request of my uncle. It was the aphgan that my aunt was crocheting when she died, and I think he wanted that one last thing to remember her. That was five years ago. But the time before that had to have been at least 15 years before.

The past couple nights, I successfully completed the thin tidy crocheted edge of the Swirl Rainbow blankie.   I was all set to cross it off the WIP list, until I remembered about the companion Car Seat Blankie. Curses! Foiled again!  Ok, so that blankie is a little less that half finished. 

And yet, I started on the new lace shawl. Notice that I didn't say cast on?
 That is because this shawl starts with a crochet chain, then you pick up stitches to start knitting. Chain on 897, and pick up 449, to be precise. That is a hell of a lot of stitches. I mean, I get why. The shawl starts at the bottom, wider edge. Then there are all those little spikes at the bottom edge, requiring even more extra stitches. But still . . . Wow!

I think I did most of the casting on at the Cub Scout Pack Meeting. But after I got kids homeworked, jammied and into bed, I was no longer able to count all those itty bitty stitches. We will see about tomorrow. 

Today, it is all about the crochet sequel. 

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