Monday, October 5, 2015

Autumn Temptation

Autumn in Indiana is a little crazy.  It could be 80 or 30.  There could be rain, snow, and sun, sometimes all in the same 24 hour period.  Every morning, I study the hourly weather report to decide to how to dress the children, and hope that I don't choose jeans and long sleeves on a day that ends up being 80.  The corn and soybean are nearly ready to harvest, and the leaves start turning pretty colors. 

For me, the best part about Autumn is that it is shawl weather.  There is a slight chill in the air that may or may not be there an hour from now, so a light shawl thrown over the shoulders is a perfect compromise.  Lucky for me, I have a few shawls.  Lately, I have been using Duchess as my perfect slink-over-my-shoulders shawl.  It is thick enough to be warm, yet stylish. 

This is the kind of weather that has been dreaming of more shawls.  Don't get me wrong, I love Duchess and Aurora Borealis.  They are cozy and warm.  And Purple Annis surrounds my neck very charmingly as the darling shawlette that it is.  But I want more. More colors, more designs, different from the last in a new way.  More. 

This past weekend, as I was working on the LAST wedge in the Rainbow Swirl Baby Blankie, I found myself glancing at some pretty soft rose-pink lace weight in the yarn cabinet.  While my hands knit mechanically on the mindless garter short rows, my mind was scrolling through pretty lace patterns. 

Then I remembered.  Deadline knitting.  Blankie.  Mitts.  No lace. 

Today, it is all about the resisting the temptations. 

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