Friday, September 25, 2015

The Environment be Damned

My allergies have gone absolutely haywire this week. I have been all clogged up, and my mind all fuzzy. Except that my nose has been runny at the same time. The roof of my mouth and inside my ears itch.  My eyes are dry and itchy.   All day long and all night long, I am constantly sniffling, blowing, and generally moaning in misery. Whatever that is green and growing that I am allergic to needs to be eradicated from the earth in a blaze of fiery glory. I don't care if it is a rare grass, near-extinct moss, home to an obscure beetle, or source of food for the last remaining Dodo bird in the universe. I can't live like this!

So this week has been summed up with one word: tired. Ok, and misery. Two words. When I am tired and miserable, I just don't seem to get much knitting accomplished. The Twacher Mitts are still at the last leg of the first one. The Rainbow Swirl blankie is still on blue, the 10th segment. It would take a careful examination of pictures with a magnifying glass to notice any progress.

How very discouraging.  I find myself hoping for a good hard frost, to placate my allergies for one more season.

Today, it is all about the miserable lack of progress.

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