Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apparently, confession is good for knitting too.

After baring my knitting inadequancies in the vast world of the Internet, the guilt finally got to me. I sat down and Kitchnered three socks. (Sweetie, I am sorry that I snapped at you halfway through the second sock. It is just that you were talking to me when I was concentrating. And I don't blame you that that sock ended up with three extra stitches on one needle. Well, I don't entirely blame you.)

So, there are one COMPLETELY finished pair of charity socks, and one COMPLETELY finished Mother-in-Law sock. I am nearly finished with the second MIL sock. And since I was exercising my guilt muscles anyway, I realized that I had knit my new MIL socks before my own mother. We were going to Mom's for the weekend, so I started picking balls from the stash she might like. Ooo, this one is pretty, maybe this one, Mom loves blue. I brought the whole blessed container. Then, get this, she ended up picking the ball of Opal I first thought of a few weeks ago for her. Doh! Do I know my mom or what?

And in construction news. . . . The shed has three walls. Three socks, three walls. I better get back to work on that MIL sock.

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