Monday, June 18, 2007

Nature's sprinkler

We finally got a touch of rain in my corner of Indiana. So now my sweetie can stop fretting about the lawn, and I can stop fretting abut water conservation and our water bill. For a while at least. . . .

My sweetie and his buddy were hard at work on Friday and Saturday on the shed. I felt almost a little bad to see them all sweaty in the steamy heat, while I stood in air-conditioned comfort inside. Not bad enough to go outside, of course. I had my knitting and a list of cleaning to do. (Don't step on the wet kitchen floor!)

Saturday's motorcycle ride was a bit anticimactic. We were excited to take both bikes to Nascar Club (don't ask). I got to the end of our street, and my bike cut out. No reserve tank, should have still had gas, but dry as a bone anyway. Okaaaaay, one would think that the shop would have splashed a little in the tank, or at least tell me that it was driving on fumes, but maybe that is just too much to ask. A few grunts and swear words later, we got my bike back to the house and filled a little from the gas can. The gas station is just down the street and we were off. . . . Except that my sweetie decided to top off his tank, since we were there, and realized that in the 40 miles he had driven since he picked it up from the shop, he had used 3 gallons. Ok, I have a hard time believing that a motorcycle gets the same gas milage as his pickup truck: 15 miles to the gallon. Plus, it was riding rougher and rougher with every mile. So, his bike goes back to the shop today, as obviously SOMETHING is wrong. Some part isn't talking to another part properly, and it is running worse now that it was before the repairs. [Insert string of explatives here in my sweetie's voice.]

On the plus side, I am finished with my MIL socks. Well, except for, you guessed it, the Kitchner toe. I meant to bring it with the to the Father's Day thing, but, of course, I forgot. Well, she doesn't need wool socks in this pseudo-August weather, anyway, right? I was just too focused on bringing my second trekking sock, WITH reinforcment thread, through it turned out to be overly optomistic with that. Just a couple more rows to go til the heel . . . .I said that all aftenroon. Sigh.

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