Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Multiple updates

"It will take a while before I can borrow Daddy''s hoodie."

I am finally doing something different on the hoodie. Since I am knitting it in the round (instead of pieces on straights. All that joining avoided), it is time to split for the sleeves. So no instead of knitting round and round in stockinette, I am knitting back and forth in two pieces. It is like a whole new sweater.

Meanwhile, I have been working hard on my current sock. Twisted Tweed in Trekking. I just love trekking. I love watching the colors gradually change, and seeing what will come next. You can never have truly identical socks, but I don't mind fraternal socks.

And in lace news, I am about 7 rows into the Celtic Stole. 488 rows to go. But I can't help but notice the size. The measurements are supposed to be 36 inches across. Mine measures 13 inches. Even allowing for blocking, loosening from needle removal, and the margin of error in the tape measure, I think my stole will be considerably smaller than originally intended. I am obviously knitting with cobweb yarn, instead of laceweight. Who knew? It is incredibly thin yarn. Once you get smaller than sock yarn, the gradations of thick and thin become somewhat blurred.

I commented on the problem to my sweetie, and he asked "won't the holes be bigger then?" I was floored. That was a very knitterly insightful question. That is indeed my dilemna in deciding whether to continue. I started a test swatch, so I can see how the yarn behaves post blocking. Stay tuned for that progress.

Today, it is all about the updates and the adorable model.

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