Thursday, February 5, 2009

The search continues

Have you ever had a particular yarn in mind, but had trouble finding it? I know what I want. I know the thickness: sock yarn. I am flexible on the content: wool preferred, but cotton blend or some other blend would be considered. I know the colors: shades of red. I know all of these things, but cannot locate the yarn I see in my head.

Are the colors that unique? I already have a finished object in the colors I want. It is a Collinette mohair that I made into a moebius scarf a few years ago. The reds range from bright watermelon, to vivid cherry, to a dark black raspberry. I love the scarf, and I would love a pair of sock in the same colors. In my quest to have matching sock and clothes, this colorway would be perfect. It would match every shade of red/burgandy.

For that matter, in my searches, I have noticed a dearth of reddish sock yarn. I want a true red. Not leaning towards oranges and browns. Not skipping towards hit pink. Not flirting with purple. Red. Lipstick red. Cherry red. Red red. Do people not wear red anymore?

Am I really going to have to learn to dye my own sock yarn just so I can have a shades of red pair of socks?

Today, it is all about the search.

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  1. There are some dyers on Etsy that will do custom orders. You should look on there. You will most likely find what you are looking for. I'd be willing to help you search on there if you aren't comfortable that you'd find what I'm talking about.