Thursday, February 12, 2009

Patience is a virtue

A funny thing happened at the courthouse yesterday. I had a 1:15 hearing, so I was there just a little before 1. I like to arrive early, so I am not rushed, and have a chance to talk to my client. There I was, growing more and more impatient, with my nose pressed up against the locked door to the courtroom, growing more and more impatient, waiting for everyone who was late getting back from lunch. I was standing there, so I couldn't really knit. Did I mention that I was growing more and more impatient?

When they finally arrived, I scolded the court staff for being late. The judge was 45 minutes late herself, but sometimes it is good to be queen. By that time, I was sitting in the jury box, happily knitting away. If patience is a virtue, and knitting gives me patient, does that mean that knitting is a virtue?

One of the court reporters showed me her favorite black sweater. Mostly ribbing, with some openwork in a stitch pattern I didn't recognize. Obviously a well-worn and well-loved sweater. She said that she has looked all over and can't find a new one to replace it. She asked how hard it would be to replace. I examined, commenting that most of the pattern was pretty basic and wouldn't be difficult to replicate, especially if she wasn't set on the exact openwork at the bottom. . . . Oh, you mean by me? I have two sweaters in progress as it is. I gave her the number of the LYS, but I think she will be unpleasantly shocked to find out how much a hand-knit sweater will cost. I suggested that she either learn to knit, or find someone who knits and loves her.

Or, someone who loves to knit, but can't afford yarn. My first project in law school was an aphgan for my roommate. She bought the yarn, and paid me $20. I used that money to buy yarn to make myself the same aphgan.

Today, it is all about being virtuous.

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