Monday, January 28, 2013

A Tale of Two Shawls

I remember this time last year, when I was six months into Duchess, on the downward decreasing part of the body, and dreading anticipating the long ruffle.  The ruffle that took over six months to knit. 

This year, I am cruising through Fuchsia Wave, at somewhere near the speed of light.  Certainly faster than the average speed of knitting. 

The lone knitter that joined me at Knittervention last week asked when I started it, and I was shocked to realize that I started the shawl in December.  Late December.  The last day or two of December.  I have been knitting on this shawl for less than a month, and I am already 11 inches on the SECOND half of the body. 

Are elves knitting on it when I am not looking?  Have I finally learned to warp the space-time continuum to create extra hours of knitting time?  Have I learned how to knit lace in my sleep?

Should I stop marveling at the progress when only serves to tempt Fate to slap me down for my insolence?

There is still the border on all four sides to consider. 

Today, it is all about the tempting fate. 

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