Tuesday, January 8, 2013


After serving well as TV knitting for the new season opener of Downton Abbey (Beverly Hills 90210 with an accent.  Love it!), Fuchsia Wave made it's public debut last night as a WIP.  After a month-long hiatus from knitting events, caused by the holidays and illness, last night was Knitter-vention.  (Same thing as Knit Night, but with alcohol.)

I brought a couple back-ups, in case the lace proved to be too much for group knitting, but I ended up knitting on Fuchsia Wave all night.  I have about 8 inches knit on the body so far.  I am now used to the pattern, and can generally spot and correct any mistakes with minimal fuss and swearing.  I am not even using lifelines.  The yarn is rather mohair-y, so ripping out is a nightmare in itself, regardless the lace.  I will just get it right the first time.

I will leave the peanut gallery to decide if that is determination or stupidity.

Today, it is all about the fuchsia.   

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