Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Must. Not. Panic.

I can't find Fuchsia Wave.  This morning, when I was packing my bag to take to work, I briefly looked around, and didn't see it.  I didn't work on it last night, so I assumed that I had left it at the office. 

Except now I am at the office, and it is nowhere to be seen.  I have searched thoroughly.  On counters.  In corners.  Under desks.  In briefcases.  No shawl.  Nada.  Zero. Zilch.

I didn't look very hard at home.  It could still be there.  I resisted the urge to drive immediately home.  I did, however, go outside to check my car. 

I was able to stop hyperventilating when I realized that the first half of the body is safely snugled into my knitting basket, so really, only about 12 inches of the second half is missing. 

It is at home, right?  I didn't go anywhere yesterday.  Office (not here), pick up kids (why would I bring my knitting inside?), then home.  It has to be at home.  My sweetie will be home from work in four hours, I can call him then, if I really have to.  (Pause for mental image of phone call asking my knitting-tolerant husband to go poking around the house looking for a particular piece of knitting.)  Maybe not. 

At least I am not completely fiber-deprived.  There is always some emergency knitting lying the office.

Today, it is all about the patience.


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