Monday, February 4, 2013

2nd and 5

I had a plan.  It involved the Superbowl party at the local American Legion.  A babysitter was arranged, so I could watch the commericals game without constant interruption, earn brownie points with my sweetie, and stay til the end (long past toddler bedtime) to ensure my sweetie had a sober driver. 

Since he would inevitably be running some of the events down there throughout the game, I planned a superbowl-length knitting marathon.  I had such high hopes.  I could finish the second half of the body on Fuchsia Wave, maybe even start on the border.  I went out an bought a size six circular needle, convinced that I would need it on Sunday night. 

That was the plan.

Then my sweetie was sick on Saturday, and Bugaboo started vomiting overnight.  Change of plans.  Our immediate family entered strict quarantine.  I figured Doodlebug and I were sicky time bombs just waiting to explode, and didn't want to expose anyone needlessly to our germs. 

So Sunday, I spent the day doing the massive amount of laundry required to fight diabolical germs.  Since I was cleaning in the kids' rooms anyway, I decided to do it right.  I emptied every toy box, moved furniture, sorted stray tinkertoys and legos into their proper homes, and created a massive pile of old toys for a springtime garage sale.  

Great for my sense of accomplishment, but the one thing I didn't have much time for was my knitting.  A little during the second half, and a little during my Downton Abbey break (Poor Lady Sybil.  :-(  Still makes me tear up.)  from the footbal game, but not very much at all. 

And yet, I mysteriously keep making progress.  2nd down, 5 yards to go.  Er, I mean 2nd body piece, 5 repeats to go.   

Today, it is all about the final countdown. 

P.S.  No one else in the family got sick.  Whew.  Dodged that bullet. 

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