Monday, February 11, 2013

Not exactly portable

I couldn't resist.  Instead of picking up hundreds of stitches on the circumferance of Fuchsia Wave, I started something new yesterday. 

I started the Romantic Ruffle Scarf (ravelry link).  I have had this cone of laceweight pink yarn forever, and I am finally doing something with it.  The common problems that others have seemed to have with this pattern is too tight of ruffles, so I am knitting on Size 5 needles.  I want a nice light, airy feel to the scarf.  

The good news is that I don't think I have to worry about running out of yarn.  The bad news is that giant cone isn't exactly portable.  I could just wind off a ball, but why create joins where none need exist, especially of a whisper-light ruffle scarf that is going to eat of the yardage.  

Today, it is all about the airy.   

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