Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mommy's Time Out

Last night was Knitter-vention, my twice monthly Mommy's Time Out.  Two hours away from work and family, sipping a pint of cider, chatting with other knitters, and happily knitting away on the project of my choosing.  Bliss!

Last night, I spent the entire 75 minutes (my sweetie was late getting home to watch the kids so I could leave) in less than knitting bliss, but I did get some tedious knitting chores done. 

I purled the provisional stitches on the first short side of Fuchsia Wave.  The directions said to knit, but apparently I started picking up stitches backward, and adjusted accordingly.  I see an impending reversal of direction after the stitches are picked up in their entirety, and I am not sure how I am going to work thoat one, but I am choosing to drive off that bridge when I come to it. 

Unable to bear the thought of picking up more stitches that evening, I set Fuchsia Wave aside.  I am at the halfway mark, I will save the rest for another fun-filled evening. 

Instead, because apparently I thought that I hadn't suffered enough, I picked up Black Rose.  Poor Rose had been untouched since I had to go back to my lifeline.  As it turns out, itty bitty black yarn is not easily transferred from the lifeline thread onto itty bitty needles.   I am not certain why I thought mediocre lighting and alcohol would improve this task, and yet there I was.  I finished just as it was time to head home. 

On the drive, I realized that the company of knit-minded companions made both tedious tasks a little brighter.  Or it could have been the VIVID ORANGE blanket that someone was knitting next to me.  It was the shade of orange that was enough to sear your eyes, but I am still going with the knitters. 

Either way, Black Rose is ready for the next row. 

Today, it is all about the brightness. 

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