Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I cleaned out the yarn cabinet last weekend, and made some pleasant discoveries. 

I found sock yarn that I didn't remember buying.  Pretty sock yarn.  I may have to step up the sock knitting so I can finish one of the two in progress, so I can start another. 

I also found a nearly finished sock.  Twisted Tweed, both socks are finished except for (altogether now) Kitchener-ing the toes.  How do I finish a sock then forget about it?  I have no explanation. 

I rearranged things, pulled some abandoned WIP's to a more accessible place.  (My sweetie hasn't asked about his hoodie lately, but I really should finish that soon.)  It has only been a couple years now. 

I also found some sage green semi solid mohair-ish lace weight that I do remember buying, but hadn't decided what it wanted to be yet. 

If you haven't explored the depths of your stash lately, I highly recommend it.  Plan your expedition now.  Who knows what forgotten treasures await? 

Today, it is all about the also founds. 

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