Monday, February 18, 2013

After my little nutty

Ok, for regular readers (both of them) of my blog, you may have noticed that I staged a little nutty a few days ago.  I was driven over the edge by endless stitches waiting to be picked up, mind-boggling lace and never-ending ruffles.  We will forget for the moment that I CHOSE all of those projects.

So, over the weekend, I picked up Fuchsia Wave to start picking up the other long side of stitches.  Only then did I realize that I had only picked up HALF the first long side.  HALF the stitches that I had thought I picked up.

I was particularly proud of myself for not losing it again.  That would have been bad in front of the children, after all.  Instead, I just spent a few hours picking up the other half.

Then I worked more on Pretty in Pink.  An inch and a half completed.  420 stiches at present.  Three more rows until the number of stitches doubles again.

At least the gauge is correct.  Not that gauge is critical for a scarf, but the result is loose enough to be pleasantly drape-y without being so loose that the stitches are gape-y.  And I believe that I have avoided a ruffle that is so tight it resembles a corkscrew.

Tonight is Knitter-vention.  So I hope to knock out a healthy chunk out of Fuchsia Wave again. 

After an unsuccessful attempt at potty-training one of my uber-stubborn children, Mommy definitely needs a few hours knitting.   

Today, it is all about the nutty avoidance.

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