Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Double Header

I haven't been able to attend Knit Night in months.  It always falls on the same night as Bugaboo's Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  However, this month was the Pinewood Derby Race, so pack meeting details were handled there.  (Bugaboo received a very nice trophy for "Best Tiger", thank you for asking.  I don't know who was happier and more excited, my son or my husband.)  So imagine my glee when I saw Knit Night on my calendar, and realized that I could attend for once.  Knittervention fell on the same night, so I spent one hour at Knit Night, then proceeding to Knittervention.  A knitting group double header!  Three hours of knitting pleasure. 

I spent the first hour working on my Sequined Scarf.  Then I changed locations, ordered a pint of cider, and started Kitchnering.  Yesterday morning, I searched for my red handknit socks as a shield from the single-digit temperatures, only to remember that I had never finished the final seam.  Actually, I had two pairs of socks, finished except for the final seam. 

I took both pairs with me to the office, my head full of delusions that I would be able to Kitchner the seam and still wear the red socks that day.  I finished Kitchnering at 10pm.  Not much point then, but at least the socks will be ready the next time it is freezing cold and I wear the red shirt.  After I weave in the ends. 

As I got dressed this morning, I put on a purple shirt, and realized that the purple socks would have been perfect with it.  The purple socks that were still in the bag waiting to be Kitchnered.  The purple socks that maybe I should have done yesterday, instead of doing the red socks that I had no realistic way of finishing. 

Meanwhile, I have spent entirely too much time online today, researching yarn/patterns for the Elegant Ensemble.  I am trying to not get impatient, and do my homework. 

Today, it is all about the starting and finishing. 



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