Monday, January 5, 2015

More wool, more wool!

As I was walking to the courthouse in single digit temperatures, not counting the wind chill factor, I found myself dreaming of wool accessories. Hats, scarves, mittens, anything that I could put between my skin and the wicked cold, biting wind.

I have been a knitter for twenty years, how do I not already have these items? I have lived in Indiana for twenty years, a state with only a chain link fence between it and the North Pole, and today, someone left the here open. How do I not already have warm woollies to protect myself string the cold, much less my darling small boys?

Some knitters can make adorable trendy accessories: purses, and teeny tiny fashionista scarves. I have a couple of those. Today I was reminded of the original purpose of knitting, from countries that don't have sunlight year round: to keep your loved ones from freezing to death, especially in weeks like this.  By the weekend, the temps are supposed to get up to the 20's, which compared to today will feel positively balmy. 

Meanwhile, I need to start planning some new projects, warm ones, in wool. I daresay Indiana will have another cold winter in the next few years. 

Today, it is all about bracing from the cold.  

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