Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Goldilocks Comparison

A few months ago, I frogged the Swirl Skirt, intending to re-start. It was way too big. It would have been mid-calf on me, which was far longer than I had pictured. 

I took a break, and tonight, I re-started. I am only two inches in, but I am already starting to worry that it is too small. I am too old and plump to want to knit a miniskirt. It is hard to judge length on the needles, so I am reserving judgment a little longer. The first inch put the skirt mid-thigh. The second inch has the length three inches above the knee. So we will see if the third inch drops the hemline another inch or two. 

I am starting to feel like Goldilocks in this skirt. "This one is too long. This one is too short."

Today, it is all about "just right" length.   

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