Saturday, May 9, 2015


Sometimes, life is about choices. And attitude is REALLY about choices. So as we are on the last three hours of a week-long road trip, I am choosing not to focus on the negative, and emphasize the positive. 

For instance, I had a wonderful second day at Disneyworld Magic Kingdom, and am ignoring the tantrums that my stepfather-in-law threw the first day that were ten times worse than anything from the five and six year old children. (I have to confess that Disney turns me into big kid anyway.)

I am also focusing on the fact that I am at the halfway mark on the Laughingbird, and conveniently forgetting how many times I lost the instruction or a needle somewhere in the minivan. Even the horribly obvious knot in the yarn worked to my favor, since it was near the end, and I could just call that skein done. I am not running short of yarn, so those missing few yards of yarn are not required. 

And I am choosing not to focus on the fact that I spent hours researching how Disney works, and the best route to take, and possible fun stops for everyone else's interest: hunting/fishing for men of all ages, classic cars for my mother-in-law, Lego for little kids. So on the last few hundred miles, when I found a little yarn store a half mile from the interstate and 3/4 mike from a Harley store so others wouldn't be bored while I spent a half hour  breathing wool fumes, and the 78 year old baby in the car said that we didn't have time . . . Sorry, there really isn't a silver lining in that one.  Other than my sweetie and I have bonded nicely over our mutual irritation over his stepfather. 

Today, it is all about the power of positive thinking. 

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