Friday, May 22, 2015

I should really know better

This new blanket is not as complicated as it looks. Every other row I just insert a Yarn Over, and a swirling circle blanket is magically created. As my boys would say: Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezie. And yet . . .   When I looked at my last several rows, I realized that I had forgotten the simple Yarn Over.  Several times over several row, in fact.

The smarter course of action would have been to just frog back a few rows. But I can't just do the simple way. Instead, I dropped a stitch or two around the affected area! Adding the yarn overs as needed.

The problem with this pan became increasingly apparent. I would add two or three stitches for each repair. Trying to knit five stitches with the yarn that had originally the two stitches just doesn't work well.
Yarn just doesn't stretch like that!  I did everything I could to stretch yarn use. I would slip various stitches each row. I pulled tight. It isn't pretty, but the fix was in. I really should have just frogged back. 

And now for the real question: how can I spend two years working on a scarf, and barely have two feet? When I have been working on this new blanket for less than two weeks, and have a baby blanket two feet in diameter? 

Today, it is all about the comparison. 

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