Friday, May 15, 2015

It's my vow, and I'll break it if I want to

As frequent visitors of my blog will know (both of them), I have been very focused on the 2 for 1 vow:  Realizing that I had long past an excessive amount of projects in progress, I was trying to finish more than I start.  Complete 2 before I could start 1.  That sounded fair, and worked for exactly one 2 for 1 swap. 

But I found myself focusing on projects that were closest to completion, whether I wanted to work on them or not.  I felt almost guilty if I was working on something that was NOT nearing completion, because that was what I wanted to work on.  And finding knitting to be something crossed off the list, like a chore, instead of something that I was enjoying

So I cracked, and started this:
Nothing bad.  Nothing major.  Nothing similar to something already in progress.  Just a simple baby blanket for charity.  I am using up stash, and giving away some knitting love.  I did it without finishing two other things, and I don't care. 
I am not giving up on the vow, just taking a break.  I am not the kind of girl that practices knitting monogamy.    Things will get done, eventually, just not today.    Progress will be made, and that is still progress, even if it is spread out among 19 projects. 
Today, it is all about the self-defiance.  

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