Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mittens, mittens, and more mittens

My knitting has outgrown two sets of needles this week. I started on DPNs, and was not surprised at all that I outgrew them quickly. A speedy search of my needle drawer revealed that I did not own Size 9 circular needles. (Or if I do, then they are in one of the nineteen other works in progress, but I am not going there.) 

Apparently there is some sort of run on size 9 circulars. I tried Hobby Lobby on Saturday, but they were out completely. Michaels didn't have bamboo, but at least it had metal, so the blanket could continue. 
Since the blanket it knit from the center outward, I had toyed with the idea of  buying my first interchangeable circular needles, so I could have a really long cable. 

Now I am nearing the end of the cable capacity, with lots of blanket to go, so I think the decesion has been made for me about the interchangeable needle thing. 

I can try Jo Ann Fabrics tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, my LYS will be open on Tuesday. 

My mother was Skyping with my brother in Poland today.  I was over briefly to pick up my children, so I chatted with him a little. After he made a crack about too many projects in progress, establishing that he reads my blog (Hi Pres!), he asked about his mittens. The mittens he asked to make for him and his girlfriend, with and additional giant mitten that two people wear while holding hands. (I would insert rolling eyes here if I weren't so happy for him with the new girlfriend.)

I haven't even picked out a pattern or bought yarn for these mittens yet now I have a possible deadline: my mother is flying out in August. Wouldn't it be nice if she could take the mittens with her, well before the cold of winter?

Then my husband pointed out that he is still waiting for his mittens. Bite me! (Though I guess I should be grateful he didn't mention the sweater. )  

I am bring guilted into keeping and breaking the 2 for 1 vow at the same time. Not fair!

Today, it is all about the guilt. 

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