Monday, August 10, 2015

One Step Away From Using Algebra

The Pink Lemonade baby blanket is almost finished, and too big to be very portable. 

I could start the next baby blankie, but I need the same needles as the other blankie. Yes, I probably do have another needle in the yarn cabinet, but the stair master is in front of it, and I would have to move it to open the cabinet, and . . . If you give me a couple minutes, I am sure I can come up with a few more excuses. 

So, I have started the planning stages of my Smittens: the holding hands mittens requested by my brother. I have measurements of the hands in question, and finished my guage swatch.  I have the numbers ready to cast on, except that I am not sure if I need the emergency stretcher yarn or not. When I found this yarn on clearance, there were five berry and three light gray. My brother's requested mitten is gray, so it is a bummer that the bigger hands are for the smaller number of yarn balls. As insurance, I bought a couple skeins of black yarn to go with the colors, but now I am not sure if I need it or not. 

I think I have done as much as I can, but a fresh start to the day may produce a clearer choice. 

Today, it is all about the algebra almost being used. 

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