Friday, August 28, 2015

My Little Nest

My two oldest and dearest friends both live on the coasts, different coasts.  I live in the middle of the country.  When I was planning my wedding, they were known as BE (Bridesmaid East) and BW (Bridesmaid West).  That makes for cute wedding nicknames, sporadic emails, and infrequent chance to see each other in person. 

So when Melissa (Bridesmaid East) told me she was coming to the heartland a mere 250 miles away from me on business, I started rearranging my schedule. I could drive out Wednesday night after work, spend the day Thursdsy, then drive back Friday. I had to clear my court schedule, and set up someone to care for my little guys in the morning (my sweetie leaves for work at 5am, so grandma to the rescue), make sure all the homework for the week was done by Wednesday, so all the laundry, and a hundred other things, and I was free for 36 child-free hours of girl time. 

I knew Melissa would have work obligations, so I packed solo amusements: knitting, DVD's, a book eyc. After Melissa left for her conference, and I made a little nest. 

As it was, Melissa was done before noon, let the friend time begin. A yummy lunch, a nice walk to the Arch (which at present was sadly a construction zone), while she went for a massage, I gave myself a pedicure, hotel room happy hour with her colleagues, dinner, then a quiet glass of wine before bed. All accompanied by a nonstop flow of talking.  

Today, it is all about the friendship perfection. 

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