Sunday, August 9, 2015

Surprisingly Insightful

I only interact with other knitters every other Monday night. On a regular basis, that is. I look forward to Knittervention every time. Not only as two hours of child-free knitting time, but a chance to bounce ideas and input from other knitters.

The other twenty-eight days of the month, I am stuck with my three male muggles. 

Last night, I was asking color advice. I am planning baby blanket set for cousin-in-law #2. I have already bought a pastel rainbow of colors and selected a pattern. The pattern calls for 12 sections, so six colors. I bought pink, yellow, green, blue and lavender. It wasn't until I was home I realized a color was missing: peach. I checked online, and yarn company makes a peach. So I went to the three local yarn stores, and came up empty. I found white a silver gray, but no peach. Online, the single peach skein would cost $6, which is reasonable, plus an additional $6 for shipping, which puts it close to unreasonable. 

So I went to my Council of Male Mufgles. How should I complete my rainbow? Overpriced but correct peach, white or silver?  The two  Muggles that DONT pay the bills advocated for peach.  My husband woke up from where he has fell asleep on the living room flooring enough to say "white". I don't think he put much thought in that. My bad, wrong time of night. 
Today, I swatched the new yarn for the Lovers Mittens. For lack of anyone else, I asked my sweeties opinion about the swatches. He was surprisingly perceptive. He knew which was "tighter", ie knit with the smaller needles. I actually feel like I had a semi-informed opinion on needle size. 

I should have asked him about the rainbow colors again. 

Today, it is all about the man who has actually picked up a few things about knitting, and the woman who loves him. 

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