Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Plan.

Ok, so i had a couple lucky breaks today. I had a full day trial today, but apparently there was a head count at the prison for a party in the case, so he there was a bit of a delay before he could appear telephonically. So, for forty five minutes, a pack of lawyers swapped war stories while I listened and wove in the ends on the car seat blankie. 

Then, the trial was finished by lunch. So I had the afternoon free to catch up on paperwork and do some knitting. 

Which led to the plan. I finished weaving in the ends to date on the larger blankie. I will finish tonight. For the next 36 hours, I will weave in as I go. The blankie is currently 36x30. When I run out of time, I will cast off and call it done. 

Today, it is all about how a blankie is as long as the time you have to knit it. 

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