Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Expletives deleted] !!!!!

There are some days when you just know that you really should never have picked up the knitting that day.  Whether the blame rests with the Knitting Fates, or within myself, there are just some days where nothing will go right, everything will be three times difficult as it should be, and it is far better to ignore my knitting.  Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of ignoring that feeling, to my repeated detriment.  

Last night, as it turns out, was one of those nights. 

During the day, I had figured out and corrected my error on Black Rose, so I was anxious to start the next page at Knitter-vention that evening.  I knew that I SHOULD have picked up that last side on Fuchsia Wave, but the black alpaca was calling to me. 

Row 46 was not easy.  There were several times when my stitch count just wasn't right.  I would swear, count the stitches again, frog a few stitches, count the stitches again, count the pattern stitches again, swear some more, then repeat the process until I figured it out.  The crowd was pretty thin, as it is Spring break season around here, so even muttered swear words were VERY apparent. 

Finally, after almost 45 minutes, I FINALLY finished the row.  And yet, I stubbornly persisted onward.  It was already past time to go home, but Cassandra was still casting off her pink fluffy thing, so I decided to do the purl row, then call it a night. 

I had some yarn overs that kept trying to jump over the neighboring stitch, but otherwise the row progressed uneventfully.  Until the last 30 stitches or so.  My hand slipped, and an unspecified number of stitches slipped completely off the needles.  Semi-slippery yarn, lace with yarn overs, this was a disaster in the making, and one with which I was no longer capable of dealing.  My hands were shaking, my eyes weren't focusing, this was the end of the world as I knew it, at least for the evening.  I rescued the stitches that I could see, and carefully stuffed the whole mess into my bag. 

A disaster of this magnitude requires steady hands, a clear head, and patience.  I will sort it all out over lunch. 

Today, it is all about the %$*&^4@& knitting!

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