Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Littlest Request

Apparently, you can never be too young to make requests of a knitter.  As I wrapped his neck with the usual Gryffindor scarf, Bugaboo, age 4, requested that I knit him another scarf.  A rainbow scarf.  He loves rainbows, and proceeded to list all the colors in the rainbow that I would have to include.  Then he pointed out that I would have to knit one for Doodlebug too, but that I would "have to add extra purple, because he likes purple."  What a considerate brother.   

Bugaboo obviously hasn't considered how many ends I would have to weave in a rainbow striped scarf.  And yet, possible designs have been perculating in my mind the past week.  Garter?  Stockinette tube?  Stockinette with a seed border?  Worsted?  Fingering? Superwash wool?  Child-friendly acrylic?

Meanwhile, I have passed a milestone on Black Rose.  I have completed the first chart, and am moving onto the second.  (Out of 5 total charts.)  It is really the exact same chart, except that now there is a section marked off to "repeat 3 times".  That is repeat three times within EACH of the four segments.  I am currently at 286 stitches per row, increasing by 8 stitches every other row, up to 990.  I really need to stop counting the stitches.  It is just killing my knitting buzz. 

Today, it is all about the colors of the rainbow. 

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