Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter Begone!

(Close eyes)  Alakazam, alakazoo.  Winter begone, we are sick of you!  . . . . (Open eyes) Did it work?

I am so sick of winter.  I am ready for warm weather, chirping birds and little bits of green peeking out from the earth.  Not even pretty new scarves and cozy warm socks can encourage more patience with winter this year. 

And yet, the forecast for the first day of spring tomorrow . . . high of 28 degrees F.  That is just not right.  At this point, the 50's would sound positively balmy. 

I have been plugging away on the Pink Ruffle scarf.  I an about one third through the final increase row.  Added another needle at the beginning, and already resigning myself to likely need one more by the time I finish the row.

Today, it is all about the bitter cold. 

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