Friday, March 8, 2013

Snowy pic

This is the time of year when I start getting sick of winter.  Sick of cold, dreary days.  I am firmly of the opinion that if it must be cold, at least give me some pretty snow to look at.  Indiana has largely been missed by the snowstorms that have blanketed the midwest this winter.  The predictions would be for snow, which somehow never materialized.  All winter long, Bugaboo has been talking about making a snowman, and we haven't had more than a dusting. 

Until this week, that is.  About four inches.  Not enough for a self-respecting snowman, but enough to serve as a backdrop for Black Rose.  I rushed right out in the frigid cold to snap a quick pic. 

I have passed the point where I had to rip back to a lifeline before.  Nearly four inches completed now.  Right now, it takes about 15 minutes for each two rows.  (The wrong side row is just all purls, surrounded by a garter border, so that one is fast.)  

As each right side row increases by 8 stiches, the width will quickly increase, and the time to finish it accordingly.  I am already over 200 stitches.  Why do I do this to myself?  Oh, yeah: gorgeously soft and bouncy alpalca + exquisite lace pattern = shawl fit for the red carpet.  Eye on the prize.    

I had Knittervention this week.  I took Fuschia Wave out of my bag, stared at it for 14 seconds, then put it away.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend the whole two hours picking up stitches.    I worked on Swirl Skirt instead.  I haven't photographed this in a while, and I have made a lot of progress, as you can see.  I am really loving the color progression on this skirt. 
It was also my birthday on Monday.  The pub gives a free shot of whiskey or bread pudding on your birthday.  My fiber companions requested the bread pudding as a birthday surprise on my behalf.  Good call, Theresa! Not exactly on my diet, but very tasty.  Besides, everyone knows that birthday calories don't count. 

Today, it is all about the snow. 

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