Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Abort mission!

Mission:  Start the perpendicular border on Fuchsia Wave. 

Transcript of Mission:

Ok.  Invisible cast on, easy peasy. Knit the first pattern row.  No problem.  Mostly purl the second row.  Ok.  Join last stitch onto the body of the shawl. 

Wait, is this backward?  Which way is the wrong side?  I don't want the border to be attached backward. 

Yes, this is the correct side.  Knit the next pattern row.  Purl row four, attach the last stitch to the body. 

Wait, is this the correct direction?  I didn't think I was backward?  Is this backward? Bloody hell!  This mohair is making it hard to see the stitches clearly. Oh, is it twisted?  Which was is the wrong side again?

I should have practiced this beforehand.  This mohair will be a bitch if I screw it up.  Ack!! It is backward!  What the . . . .?  Houston, we have a problem.  Abort!  Abort!

De-briefing Report:  Body of the wrap salvaged. 

Observations:  Trying to learn a new knitting technique in a moving car is probably not a good idea. 

New plan:  I will knit a small test piece, and attatch the border to it.  Better to make my mistakes (and let's face it -- there WILL be mistakes) on a swatch. 

Today it is all about the testing. 

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