Monday, April 8, 2013

Removing Temptation

To protect myself from any delusions that would lead me to talk myself into trying to have both scarves done by Mother's Day, nice a notion as that sounds, I ignored Spring Haven all weekend.  Didn't pick it up once.  Didn't even look at it.  I knew that I did another couple inches, I might not be able to avoiding trying, only to drive myself batty with an impossible deadline. 

The fact that I encountered some problems late last week, and am *almost* certain that I have straightened them out have NOTHING at all to do with that avoidance. 
Instead, I worked on Fuchsia Wave.  I only half of one long side of stitches to pick up, so I pulled it out of the the knitting bag.  Two hours later, I still had 120 stitches to go.  Apparently, merely taking it out of the bag is not good enough.   I did eventually finish the pick up row.  Then I finished the "place markers" row.  And I started the "Yarn Overs" row.  After that is the "knit" row, then the "mitered: row, then another "knit" row,  then I can finally start the border.  I think.  I don't have the pattern in front of me, so dollars to doughnuts I am forgetting something. 

Spring is finally arriving, and with it shawl weather.  I want to be able to wear both shawls soon.

Today, it is all about about being realistic. 

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