Friday, April 5, 2013

What a Knitter Needs

I love long-term knitting projects.  I enjoy seeing the different stages as the project progresses.  I love detail and intricacy.  I love showing off what I worked so hard to make to others.

And I especially love the milestones.  Using up the big glob of yarn that a new center pull skein pukes out that I have to wrap around the ball band.  Turning the heel.  Splitting for sleeve openings.  Starting a new chart.

But sometimes, a knitter needs a little instant gratification too.  One week on the needles, and Spring Haven is already 15 inches long.  It would have been an inch or two longer, but there was an, um, incident yesterday.  Nothing critical.  The pattern smacked me around a little, but I held my own. 

That started me re-thinking about Mother's Day as a goal for both scarves.  37 days (starting the count last Thursday), 12 feet of scarf (estimated), that requires four inches a day.  On a scarf that is totally doable!  Oh, wait, that means that I am already a foot behind schedule. 

(Small voice)  Never mind. 

Today, it is all about the need for speed. 

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