Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting an Education

I had continuing education yesterday.  9am through 4:30 pm, listening to Social Security Disability law.  Yawn. 
I ended up knitting most of the seminar.  I offer no excuses.  It kept me awake, and more alert than I would have been without the knitting. 

While more obvious to everyone in the room, I don't see that it was any different than the person sitting next to me reading a novel on his Ipad, or the lady two seats down playing Solitare on hers. 

And the best part, my Unnamed Red sock that has been my briefcase knitting for a while now has measurable progress.  One or two rows once or twice a week while waiting for court is slow progress.  Hours of knitting is a whole different ballgame.  Only one more inch (give or take) til the heel! 

Today, it is all about the educated measuring. 

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