Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lively and Lovely

Every once in a while, Knit Night (second Monday of the month) and Knitter-vention (every other Monday) fall on the same night.  I usually try to hit both, leaving a half hour early for one and arriving a half hour late for the other.  This past Monday night, I was running late (ahem, read: my sweetie forgot about a meeting and was running late to watch the boys so I could leave), so I went straight to Knitter-vention, on time there at least, for a change. 

The company was lively.  Well, it always is, but livelier than usual.  An off-color comment here, a risque joke there, and a long discussion about self-defense with firearms.  (One of our crowd has a problem neighbor, one who has threatened to harm her, her husband, her infant, and everyone else in the neighborhood.  Poor lamb.  This is a "breaking news" story just waiting to happen.)   

The knitting was far less exciting.  I finished a row and started another on Fuchsia Wave.  I really should have more to show for over two hours of uninterrupted knitting time, but there it was.  Only  a couple more 640 stitch rows, and I can start the border.  17 stitches in the perpendicular border, 640 rows.  Oh, balls!  That is over 10,000 stitches.  Why do I insist on torturing myself by doing the math?

On a final plus side, the night was just a little chilly, just cold enough to throw Duchess over my shoulders.    Ditto this morning.  Lovely!

Today, it is all about the chilliness. 


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