Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Edging the corner

Am I edging the corner, or cornering the edge?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Regardless of what I choose to call it, I have completed one (short) edge on the shawl, and rounded one corner. 

And here is where I start second-guessing myself.  You double up on the rows as you round the corner, but I was uncertain if that made the outer edge long enough.  As I have progressed to more complicated and complex knitting, I have become more picky at the final product.  I don't want to spend months on something that looks like crap, or even has some minor imperfection that is bad enough that I don't wear it.  

I fussed over this all during Knit Night this week.  Knit a few rows.  Fret.  Knit a few rows.  Spread it out on the table and sigh in indecision.  Knit a few rows.  Fret more.  One person suggested that I take a steam iron to the corner, as a pseudo test-block.  

This morning, I took her advice.  Sort of.  I dunked the corner in a bowl of water, then pinned it out.  No pseudo-blocking for me.  I didn't want half an answer.  I wanted the full monty.  

By the time I get home from work I should have my answer.  

Today, it is all about living on the edge.   

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