Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Full Speed Ahead

Test completed.  The edge curls in a tiny bit, but no more than the usual nature of knitting.  The corner is fine.  The designer is vindicated.

I am proceeding with confidence and determination on the edge. 

Except that now I am concerned about running out of yarn. I bought this yarn years ago in Poland.  Even with the magic of the Internet and Ravelry, finding another randon skein is next to impossible.  Running out is NOT an option. 

 I had 5 skeins to begin with, 1250 meters in total.  The body took about 2 1/2 skeins.  Except that I have learned my lesson (though apparently not well) about yardage sucking edges.   

22 inches down the first short side.  13 inches down the first long side.  I have used up approximately half a skein of yarn.  There is remaining: another 57 inches to long side #1, 22 inches to short side #2, and 70 inches of long side #1.  I have completed 19 percent of the edge, and used 20 percent of the available yarn.  (Assuming my math is correct. . . . Always a dangerous assumption.)

This is going to be close. 

Today, it is all about dangling over the edge. 

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