Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Inch by inch

I am at the part of projects that make for boring blogging.  Inch by uneventful inch, I knit, but it doesn't leave me much to write. 

The beginning has the excitement and selection, and occasional mishaps that I can turn into self-depreciating humor.  The end has the "ta da" moments and photos.  But really, how many times can I post a picture that realistically looks exactly like the three photos before, with an extra inch or two that you have to use a tape measure to discern?
And yet, this is where I am, so here goes. 

Pretty in Pink: another row finished.  Four to go (including cast off).  Four ENDLESS rows.  Not unexpectedly, the giant cone of yarn is only marginally smaller, and not more portable, so this poor project is still banished to home. 

Spring Haven: 18 inches down, 54 inches to go.  I think I am going to need another ball of yarn.

Fuchsia Wave: 18 inches of the edge down, approximately 166 inches to go.  (I did some actual measuring to arrive at this number, so it has a closer resemblance to reality than the estimate-size-from-memory method that I normally use.)

Fuchsia Wave has some excitement around the corner.  Literally.  In about another repeat, I have to round the corner.  I am pretty sure there are special instructions for that.  I should check on that, preferably BEFORE I start the corner. (Though a major screw up from not bothering to read the instructions would make for good blog fodder.) 

Today, it is all about the inches that DO matter. 

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