Saturday, May 25, 2013

The best kind of garage sale

My local yarn store had a garage sale today.  Customers bring in random fiber products and set the price.  Other customers buy them.  The store keeps the money, and gives the sellers a gift certificate for an equal amount. 

How cool is that?  Clean out the stash.  Buy other's stash.  Get gift certificate for new yarn. 

My mother tagged along with me.  I quickly amassed a handful of little treasures.  Random balls of sock yarn, a bamboo circ, some whispy mohair, all for only a couple dollars each. 

Then a large bag of Noro Aurora jumped up and bit into my wrist and wouldn't let go.  10 whole skeins of it, in the prettiest shades of dark greens, blues, purples.  $40.00 was far more than I had planned on spending, but I was a woman obsessed.  I kept wandering back to that table to fondle the yarn and admire the colors. 

I blame the yarn fumes.  And the enablers other knitters.  They kept whispering into my ear.  10 skeins is a lot of yarn.  I could make anything with 10 skeins.  $40 was really a bargain for that much Noro.  If you haven't knit with Noro, you haven't lived. 

   It followed me home.  Can I keep it?

Today, it is all about the bargain.   

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