Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I chastised Teresa as soon as I walked into Knitter-vention last night.  I waved the Noro shawl in the air, and said "This is all your fault."  She laughed without even a hint of remorse.  She did offer to take the finished shawl off my hands, if I was dissatisfied. 

Thank you for the offer, but um, not a chance. 

Then Teresa and her BFF left early to go take in some Sci-Fi beefcake.  (They were going to see the new Star Trek movie.) 

Just now, I went to my bag to take out the shawl to measure and report on progress, only to realize that I had left the shawl at home.  My immediate thought was that since my court for the afternoon is off (settled the case fifteen minutes ago), I had time this afternoon to drive home and fetch it.  Then I realized how silly that sounded, driving home from work to fetch my knitting, when I am going to be going home anyway in four hours.  That really is beyond ridiculous.  I can't believe the thought even passed through my mind.  I HAVE knitting in the office.  One dishcloth, one scarf, one sock, and Black Rose all sit within arms length of my computer.  So really, if I absolutely need a knitting break, I can take one.  Just not the knitting with which I am currently obsessed.   That really brings the obsession to a whole new level.  

Today, it is all about the impenitent Teresa.   

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