Friday, June 14, 2013


I should have known I was due for a knitting smackdown.  I had been cruising along so nicely on my Noro Shawl.  I would have an occasional missing or extra lone stitch at the end for no apparent reason, but for the most part, the knitting has been uneventful and productive. 

Last night, all of that changed.  One row.  That is all I knit last night.  One row.  At the end of the row, I ran out of stitches in the middle of a repeat.  I counted, and it turns out I have five extra stitches.  One stitch I can in theory understand appearing or disappearing at the end of the row.  But five stitches?  I know I was tired, but I would need a long series of screw ups to end with five extra stitches.  
I waas hoping that a good night's sleep and bright morning sun would reveal my error(s).  Alas, I have given birth to an insomniac.  Doodlebug was still resisting sleep at 10pm last night, and yet was up and ready to start his day at 4am.  Hopefully, the sun will be enough.

Today, it is all about the screw ups to be discovered. 

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