Thursday, March 29, 2007

Forgetfulness and Indecision

Yesterday morning, I went rhough my usual routine. Make bed, get dressed, tidy kitchen, check email, write blog, go to the office. . . . Where I realized I FORGOT MY KNITTING! How did this happen? I realize I have a forced break from my Secret Wedding Sock, but that is no reason for a complete mental boycott.

(I know that some probably wonder why I knit at work. I hung out my own shingle last year. I like the flexible hours and independence, but the business is still a trickle in the door. I like to be in the office most of the day, so I can be here when the phone rings, but I don't have enough work to keep me busy all day. Knitting helps fill the time.)

The good news is that I remembered that my stash is mostly in storage at the office; the bad news is that my needles are not. What in blazes swept through my mind when I was moving into my sweetie's house and putting things into storage at the office? Yarn in one place, needles three miles away at another?

Which is not to say that I had NOTHING to knit, just nothing I WANTED to knit. It was a slow, long day.

Last night, I was feeling blah. (Probably from the lack of creative knitting earlier in the day.) I just felt like laying on the sofa reading and knitting mindless circles, so I finished the After Bertha NON Tube Socks. Yea! Finished project.

I have now given myself permission to start another pair of sock. This morning, I poured over my sock stash, and was struck by paralyzing indecision. Nothing sounded good to knit. Treking in a garter rib? Whatever. . . Opal in a basic pattern? I don't know. . . . Something lacey, something textured, something wild, something classic. . . Nothing was tickling my muse.

Today, my work bag contained three balls of new sock yarn with appropriate needles, two leftover sock balls (for sock charity knitting), the lacey Whispers scarf, Jaywalking and Pomotomus socks in progress, Interweave 25 Timless Designs sock pattern book, and my file of sock patterns. I am not taking any chances today. Maybe I left my inspiration in the office too. It must be somewhere. . . Where did I last see it?

Today, it is all about the inspiration.

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