Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is it weird?

1. That I ate my lunch at 11 am yesterday? Breakfast was at 6am. I got hungry. Whatever.

2. That I blame the Secret Wedding Sock for being too long for my sweeties foot? If it loved me, or him, it would have been the correct length no matter what I did to it.

3. That I seem to be the only one in the house that can empty or load a dishwasher, and I dream of teaching the cat to do it?

4. That I blame my needles for not finding their way into my work bag, so that I could safely store the first Secret Wedding Sock until I cry, um, I mean, decide what to do with it, and still start the second Secret Wedding Sock? I am sure the needles just had difficulty escaping the pastic container.

5. That I feel the narcissistic need to write all these uninteresting musings in a public (theoretically speaking) forum? As if inflicting such thoughts on my oldest and dearest friends weren't tragic enough, I have taken on the whole world as my victim, um, I mean audience.

6. That I have placed the first Secret Wedding sock on the two needles minimally necessary to hold the stiches so I can cast on the second one immediately isntead of just waiting until I get home from the office? I am on a knitting deadline. Time is of the essence! I can't afford to waste half a day, even if I don't really have time to knit at the office.

7. That I realized after casting on the second Secret Wedding Sock that while I may be able to cast on a sock with 2 needles, I can't knit with just two, so had to transfer the first sock onto two sides of a circular needle currently in use with my Jaywalking Sock. I use Jaywalking as my "knitting decoy" in case my sweetie wanders too close to wherever I try to secretly knit. I justify this as a knitting emergency, and with the knowledge that even if I want to/need to knit Jaywalking, I am doing the heel, so that half of the sock is not officially in progress at this moment. I am ignoring the fact that my emergency move has rendered the Jalkwalking sock no longer fit for it's decoy duty.

8. That when I noticed my sweetie dozing on the couch, I found myself tiptoeing towards him with a tape measure in hand. When he woke up, had to come with with a good excuse about why I was removing the aphgan from his feet.

9. That I became mad at his feet when they had not mysteriously grown and extra inch since I last measured them.

10. That I worked the first row of the second Secret Wedding sock anyway, only to realize that I had been doing it in the 3 by 1 rib of the body, instead of the 1 by 1 rib of the top.

11. That I realized as I completely ripped out the second sock that this was really a blessing in disguise, since I will indeed have to rip out the toe on the first sock, and I can't do that with it on the temporary needles.

12. That I refused to even look at either Secret Wedding Sock for the rest of the evening.

Today, it is all about the weirdness. . . .

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