Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Sounds of Spring

The snow drifts melting. The birds chirping. The grass growing. The rumble of a Harley engine. The silence of a Honda engine. While I was slaving away in the office yesterday afternoon, my sweetie took his bike for a spin around the block, and tried to start mine. Emphasis on the TRIED TO. Dead battery. Oh, right, we were having electrical issues. Well, since I am not going to be upgrading THIS year (no matter how much I drool over the new Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Low), I guess we will have to get it fixed. Plus a new rear tire that it desperately needs. &^%^#%#

So today, I knit. Current work in progress (one of many) for the day is the Jaywalking socks, knitted in Opal's Petticoat yarn.

I have not been wild at the pastel colors (though that leads to the obvious question why I bought the yarn to begin with), and the zigzig look is cute with the stripes, but not very elastic. I can get the socks on, but it is like trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans. But, I have the second sock halfway finished, and want to free up the needles. Not that I don't have more sock needles, but I have four socks in progress right now, and just can't justify starting another. This was the only pair that was on the second sock. I have a deadly fear of the Second Sock Syndrome, so always start the second sock immediately after finishing the first. So I am knitting on a pair of socks that I am already not wild about, so free up the needles for yarn that is whining from it's plastic container. Such is the life of a knitting addict.

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