Monday, March 19, 2007

Stolen hours

My sweetie picked up some overtime and is working all day Saturday. You know that this means. . . . all day (or at least until 2) to work on the Secret Wedding Sock #2. Well, to work on that and do enough around the house that is visible so it doesn't look like I was sitting around on my tooshie all day.

I past the first milestone on sock #2 yesterday. I finished the ribbing for the cuff, and moved onto the body of the sock. Of course, I had forgotten to bring the finished sock with me to the office, so I was going strictly off the tape measure and memory to get the length of the 1 by 1 ribbing correct. I couldn't measure the whole finished sock properly despite four (or more) attempts, but now I was just going to eyeball the start, and magically know that it was correct. Suuuuure. It was. Kill me now.

Second milestone: I finished the yarn that was wrapped around the band. You know how when you try to pull out the center of the ball, you end up with a big glob of string coming out that just gets wrapped around the band for lack of a better place to put it? Well that center blob is gone, and I am now pulling straight from the center. Woo hoo!

Tally for the day. 4 inches finished on the Secret Wedding Sock #2, one batch of Snickerdoodles made, two bathrooms cleaned, 195 Hershey kiss roses bundled into 65 bouquets of 3 (the favor for the wedding), and two Diet Cokes consumed. Not too bad. I still don't think there is much of a chance that I will have the second sock finished in time for the wedding, but with some luck it may resemble a sock.

Today it is all about the deadline.

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