Monday, March 12, 2007

So Many socks . . . .

. . . . and none that I can work on. While being subjected to Nascar yesterday (Didn't we JUST finish Nascar season? I mean honestly, who else has a NINE MONTH SEASON? Is this a sport or a pregnancy? And we won't even mention the fact that they just drive in circles really fast.) I figured that knitting would make the hours not totally wasted. Unfortunately, the gods of knitting conspired against me.

I worked a little on my Jaywalking socks, but then realized that it was time for the heel, and I was nearly out of ivory reinforcing thread. Well, surely this three feet that I have left is enough for the heel. (Maniacal laughter.) Suuuuure. Three rows later, I am out of reinforcing thread. Well, any excuse to go to the yarn store, right? TOo bad they are closed on Sundays.

So I picked up another pair of socks in progress. Measure. Try on. Oh, this one is ready for the heel too. Look at stash of reinforcing thread. Black, charcoal, navy. . . .and the one I need to match this lovely lavender and ivory with blue and yellow accents? Ivory! (Insert expletive here.) The irony is that these were originally supposed to be After Bertha tube socks, but I just kept knitting the rib and didn't notice that I had missed the part where the rib was supposed to start twisting until I was four inches past the point. Well, I wasn't going to rip out four inches just so these could be tube socks. So, now I couldn't work on the heel of socks that weren't supposed to have one to begin with. Oh, the irony.

I couldn't work on the Secret Socks cause they are a surprise wedding present for my sweetie, just in case he gets cold feet before the wedding.

He was around yesterday, after all, why else would I be watching Nascar? Of course, he was mostly watching in the garage, but the living room Tv had to be tuned to the race, just in case something exciting happened when he wandered inside. Also, as I am now an active if relucant and barely interested member of his Nascar club, I now have skin in the game, so to speak.

So I turned to my Pomotomus socks (probably a horrible mispelling of this masterful sock creation from Knitty), but those are a bit too complicated to do with the TV on. I am just learning this whole design-in-socks-things, and am still terrified of making a mistake that I can't correct and having to rip out to the beginning. So I only work on it when I am in the mood for concentration, which is why this wonderful sock is not even half finished, the first sock that is.

So I reach deeper in the basket, and pull out. . . . Huh? I have four socks in progress and can't knit on anything of them? Are you kidding me? I had resolved NOT to start a new sock until at least one pair was finished, but what was I supposed to knit?

In the end, I found a test sock that I started a year ago to practice some new heel/toe techniques and didn't finish because, well, I learned them; and I was able to do a few inches on the Secret Sock while my sweetie left for a bit. Leaving me to entertain his buddy's Nascar loving, foul-tempered girlfirend. Limited knitting, Nascar, unwanted company, I just hit the jackpot yesterday, didn't I?

Time for me to go look like a lawyer.

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