Friday, March 30, 2007


I got the call yesterday. My reinforcement thread arrived. Two days. The nice office girl definitely deserves a big "atta girl" for that one. So the Secret Wedding Sock is back in action. 3/4 finished and 22 days to go!

Meanwhile, here are the finished After Bertha Non-Tube Socks. Ok, ok, NEARLY finished, but if all I have left is to Kitchner the final toe, then they should count as a finished object. The leg of the sock seems unusually skinny. I assure you, I don't have bird legs. It is just the ribbing. Really. I swear. (Note to self, take picture wearing the socks. Even I am having trouble with the ribbing argument while looking at the picture.)

Unfortunately, my knitting indecision continues. Just when I think I have decided, I skim the directions and halfway through, I am already thinking about another pattern. I'll decide over the weekend. I have my yarn, needles, and patterns all in the same place. I just need time to fondle the yarn, thumb the patterns, stare at pictures, and flip a coin. In the meantime, I have started a charity sock, specifically for Children in Common, the one that donates wool clothes to orphanages in Russia. Wonderful use for the leftover sock yarn, and two or three yarns knit together makes for speedy progress.

Today, it is all about the thread.

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